The Time Is Now

by Erma Bombast

I do not believe the second amendment confers upon the individual the right to bear arms, but that it related to the maintenance of a well-regulated militia. If the DOJ and Supreme Court will not unequivocally state that the second amendment does not provide the right to private gun ownership, then the amendment should be repealed. I believe gun ownership in this country should be outlawed, except for the military and law enforcement. What are the chances, do you suppose, that these things will happen?

I can live with common-sense compromise that will allow for gun enthusiasts, those who believe that a gun in their home will keep them and their family safe, and hunters to own guns that are appropriate for their personal use. But I want to see a total ban on the manufacture, sale, transference or ownership of assault weapons and high-capacity clips and magazines; the complete closure of the gun show loophole; the development of a comprehensive, national database that will include the names of known terrorists, convicted felons, and the mentally ill; a limit to the number of guns one can purchase at a time – such as a one-gun-per-month rule  that will dramatically cut down on illegal trafficking and straw purchases – immediately enacted. How likely is it that these things will happen?

The leadership of the NRA, the lap dog of the arms manufacturing industry, wants to arm every teacher and principal in the country, every Mom and Dad, every homeowner. They want to see every American citizen armed to the teeth with a license to carry a concealed weapon into any place of business, house of worship, university and school building, public park, private home, ad infinitum, and these things could very well happen. If Americans continue to acquire guns at the current rate, guns will outnumber citizens in two years.

The leadership of the NRA should be branded as terrorists. Those who put profits of gun manufacturers above the lives of babies are terrorists. Those insane conspiracy theorists who believe the government will be coming for their guns any minute now; the rabid idealogues who value unfettered access to assault weapons and high-capacity magazines – weapons of war that have no earthly purpose but to take as many human lives as possible – more than they value the lives of our children, our children’s teachers, and the sanctity of parents’ love for their children, those who worship guns before humanity, are murderers.

The unspeakable tragedy that occurred in Newtown has ignited a furor around gun violence that we have not seen in this country. But while Joe Biden, Gabby Giffords and Mark Kelly, and others come together to discuss what can be done about the fact that 85% of children in the world killed by guns are killed in the US, we see the stealthy retreat of the NRA’s congressional surrogates who timidly stated immediately following the horror that maybe it’s time to do something about guns in America.

A window is open wider than it has ever been, and if we can stomach the fight and muster the stamina, the time is now to effect real progress in our gun laws. And if we will not sustain the effort and don’t demand change, we will be complicit. Just as the hands of the NRA leadership drip with the blood of our babies – so, too, will ours. Our children are being gunned down in their classroom. What greater outrage can there possibly be? How many more will we sacrifice on the altar of the murderers? The time is now.

The power to deal with this nihilistic insanity lies in the hands of the American people. With us. Each of us. Only us. It’s time to organize. Time for rational and responsible gun rights and gun control advocates to unite in the effort. Time to call our local, state and federal representatives, write letters to the editor, march en masse in the streets of every state capital and descend on every senator’s and congressperson’s office with the ferocity of the mother lion protecting her young. We must march on Washington in enormous numbers in the Million Child March. We must insist and empower friends, family, neighbors and co-workers to take action.

The time has come to wrest power from the terrorists and murderers – the gun lobby and their minions and the delusional zealots – and impose the values they cravenly and with a wink and a nod purport to hold so dear – pro-life, family values. The value of our children and their right to live to fulfill their human potential.

Visit and raise your voice.